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The Chehalis Tribal Loan Fund (CTLF) offers a comprehensive array of development services aimed at empowering its community members to achieve financial stability and success. These services are provided in various formats and frequencies to cater to the diverse needs of current and potential customers, borrowers, or investees.

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Entrepreneurship Training and Support Programs

For aspiring business owners, CTLF offers entrepreneurship training and support programs designed to foster business development and growth. These programs include business planning assistance, access to resources and networks, and mentorship opportunities to help entrepreneurs launch and sustain successful ventures.

Credit Building and Repair Programs

CTLF implements credit building and repair programs to assist individuals in establishing or improving their credit profiles. Through credit counseling, guidance on responsible borrowing practices, and access to credit-building products, clients are equipped to enhance their creditworthiness and qualify for financial products and services offered by CTLF.

Technical Assistance and Referral Services

CTLF provides access to technical assistance and referral services to support clients in addressing specific financial or business challenges. This may include referrals to legal, accounting, or business advisory services, as well as assistance with regulatory compliance and accessing external resources for additional support.

Financial Education Workshops and Seminars

CTLF conducts regular financial education workshops and seminars covering topics such as budgeting, saving, credit management, and financial planning. These workshops are typically held on a scheduled basis throughout the year, allowing participants to access valuable financial knowledge and skills to make informed decisions. These activities are scheduled for one to 4 times each month.

One-on-One Financial Counseling and Coaching

CTLF provides personalized one-on-one financial counseling and coaching sessions to individuals seeking guidance on managing their finances effectively. These sessions offer tailored support in areas such as debt management, credit improvement, and goal setting, empowering clients to navigate their financial journey with confidence.

Overall, CTLF’s development services are designed to empower current and potential customers, borrowers, or investees with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to effectively utilize the financial products and services offered by the organization. By promoting financial literacy, entrepreneurship, creditworthiness, and access to support services, CTLF plays a vital role in advancing the financial well-being and prosperity of the Chehalis Tribal community.